Thursday, 24 March 2011

SkyWatch Friday - The long and rambling one

So, I spent a while trying to workout what shot I was going to use for my SkyWatch post this week.  I didn't get to see much of the sky (a killer because it's been lovely and sunny and blue for days!) with work and taking part in a Sponsored Wii-danceathon, we raised over £1000 so it was worth missing the sunshine, even if there was a slightly manic look to us by the end.

I first of all decided to use a photo from a winter walk where a fiery sun had set the trees on fire.
Then, when I was downloading the danceathon photos I found a nice photo from when I'd had a 10 minute breather in the garden, and this was too pretty to just delete:
Finally, while I was pondering on the photo choices over a cup of tea in the kitchen I noticed how colourful the daffodils on the windowsill looked in the last bit of the day's sun.  So here they are too:
I have to admit that this windowsill acts as a holding area for anything not to be forgotten and is currently crammed with Euan's Naturetot planting (the pea plants and courgettes are coming on well, still waiting for tomatoes and lettuce for those wondering). When I went to put the camera down I glanced out of the other kitchen window and saw this:
So, back to where I started, which one to choose? Answer - just stick them all in and in doing so learn that there is always a bit of sky around even if it's just fleeting!

Go and visit briefer skies from around the world at SkyWatch Friday.


  1. I'm glad you included all your shots because they're all terrific and show such beautiful and different views of your skies! Hope you have a great weekend! Happy SWF!


  2. Looks like the danceathon was fun! All lovely shots but I especially like that first shot.

  3. Happy SWF!Have a great weekend!

  4. Yeah - stick them all in.
    I do. Saves deciding :-)
    Masses of yellow dafs on my windowsill too.
    Love the red hellebore and the orange trees by the water.

  5. Wonderful shots of beautiful skies!

  6. Like them all but love the last two windowsill views.
    Daffs and little things growing in cups, that is what windowsills are for!

  7. gorgeous shots...looks like a painting....:) Hope you can check out my Skywatch Friday as well. Thanks!

  8. What riches for a week when you doubted that you had a Skywatch shot! Same here - not much time for looking up at the sky this week.

  9. The light on those trees is great - splendid picture.

    Stewart M - Australia

  10. they're all stunning..but i love the view through the window.

  11. Congratulations on doing that danceathon!!! Amazing! Love all your photograps, all very beautiful and each conjours up different feelings. I really enjoyed the 'through the window' ones too. Lovely to see and read of all your spring signs, whilst our evenings darken. Great to read some of your blog posts again. All the best xx

  12. Belatedly coming to this entry while perusing your blog (great, by the way) and this selection of photos is wonderful - which to choose indeed?!


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