Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Out on the hunt

We've hunted down every chocolate egg within grabbing distance. The egg business started with having to decorate one for school - my plan was to give them a boiled egg each and some paints. I should have been quicker off the mark as they had seen the massive creations (most that no child had ever been near) arriving at school and so they had higher expectations. I managed to pull together enough bits to do Anya's ladybird and Patrick's daffodil. They didn't win a prize but were happy taking their eggs in. (Bonnets next year - trying not to be drawn into the One-up parent thing but on the other hand I have a year to plan a stunner!)

We spent a very wet Good Friday at Warwick Castle - highlights were holding a real sword, dressing up as knights, losing Patrick (followed by Euan) at the top of a turret - returned by a nice Aussie lady, both very upset not because they were stuck but because the nice Aussie lady spoke to them, having the biggest ice-cream in the world in the 20 minutes of pure blue sky before we left.

We went to a friend's farm for their annual egg hunt - would be nice to return the favour but their gardens are just amazing. We stroked newborn lambs, had a sit on a pony, found piles of chocolate, ran egg races and gorged on homemade cakes. The perfect Easter.

Quote of the week - "We've got the weekend off because Jesus has gone back to heaven" ~ Patrick - see it's not all about the chocolate.

Thought of the week - "All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt" ~ Charles M. Schulz

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