Thursday, 29 April 2010

Five years of unconventional thinking

"Second children frequently are less concerned with following rules. They prefer to go against the grain and to challenge conventional thinking. Your second-born child may push your rules to the limits."

You are a child of incredible highs and frustrating lows, there is never a dull moment when you are about. I'm not sure I recognise your public face though; school talk about a calm, hardworking, sociable little boy, "the best behaved in the class". You make me so proud that you push my rules to the limit but not the real world ones. Even at five you can tell what matters.

But stay being you and continue to ignore some real world conventional thinking rules - hoard mountains of elastic bands, hold onto the dark 'pink/purple secret', chose to wear checks with stripes, always take time to still notice the little things.

Love you to past space Bucksy xo
I've just found something about what it means to be five - these bits made me laugh. they are so true xo So here's Quote of the Birthday - "He is likely to run around a lot and play games in which he swings, dodges, stops and twirls round suddenly. He may enjoy skipping and cycling (still may not be able to do two wheels) and gymnastics, such as the dreaded hanging upside down from bars in the playground, which is terrifying "(I hold my breath every time).
"He will be able to understand humour such as slapstick on television and get verbal jokes, after they've been explained in mind-numbing detail. He may then repeat them and expect you to laugh like a drain. And then tell it again. He will also make jokes up himself although he has no idea what makes a joke so it won't even be close to being funny. Still, you're his mum, so you have to smile."

"This is the age of the sunny disposition, where he is keen to enjoy life and see the best in people."


  1. Awwww, fabulous photos and great quotes! Happy, happy being five!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Bucks!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday! Five really is a wonderful age. I've noticed lately how my five year old is interacting with the world and it is quite the marvelous thing. Still so much energy but the curiosity allows it tobe focused on things other than play. Hope it is a wonderful celebration, especially for you.


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