Tuesday, 13 April 2010

First date number 9 - well that depends.....

We spent the weekend with friends having a lovely time. They asked if we were having a double 'date night' - this lead to a discussion on what a date is. We decided that although we had a brilliant night catching up, that it probably didn't count as a date.

It left me wondering exactly a date is.  Back to good old google - The Oxford English Dictionary says a date is 'a social or romantic appointment'.  Ah-ha - so the fun weekend was a social date, leaving us short of a romantic date night date.

Tim is once again jet setting (Genoa this week) - so we squeezed in a quick game of Would you rather (thanks to Tiffany for providing a simple and fun date). The idea is to pick two things to do and choose between them. For example would you rather eat a pound of chocolate or jump off a speeding bus - not all were as simple as this. The one that has us debating was:
We decided that even though our loos are a bit slovenly (apparently I don't clean them often enough - but that's a whole other debate) that in general the licking beats the eating. However, if it was our own personal loo then that would be OK. Tim was also coming around to the idea of chocolate coated insects (I was happy to use the vegetarian card!). Sorry for TMI but it was good to talk!

After a few lazy dates - will pimp the date for next week!

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  1. We had that date a couple weeks ago. That was a fun game. It did lead to lots of discussion for us as well.

  2. I would eat the bug. No question about it. Licking the loo makes me ill just to think about it :P yuck!

  3. it's always fun to see the responses people have to the questions from the would you rather game. it brings up interesting conversations. i think i would go with eating a bug than licking the toilet/loo. :) thanks for sharing!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

  4. Beautiful shots. The first picture really reminds me of home sweet home.


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