Friday, 16 October 2009

Tempus fugit when you're having fun

I'm writing this with a snotty nose, glass of wine, Warm Vanilla splatted hands and Muriel's Wedding on DVD. Tim's in New Orleans and has left me home alone.
So I now (having done my painting tasks) have a few minutes to catch up with the last few weeks.

Autumn is definitely here - we went conker hunting and came back with three huge bags of them. I haven't had a chance to put them onto strings yet but the children seem to be happy just carrying them around in their pockets. Lots have found their way into the washing machine, I'm wondering if it will improve their chances in conker fights (easier than baking or soaking in vinegar).

Tim is now the same age as me (the past three months, as every year, he has been taking all opportunities to mention that he is a year younger than me!). My Mum came up for the night so that we could go and see Michael McIntyre in the NIA.
We had a fab night (finished off with a curry) but while I was watching the show I was getting irrationally irritated by various things - 1. The spelling of Michael - it's a really silly name to spell and I feel very sorry for small children called Michael who have to learn to spell it! 2. He had a whistling nose - you know when you breathe in and there's a bit of a noise, this nose noise was boomed around the whole arena, to make it worse it was still there after the interval. 3. I kept laughing at the wrong bits. 4. From the photo you can see just how far back we were, there were three huge screens and a tiny man on the stage - I kept panicking about which bit I should watch - I thought I should watch the tiny man as I'd paid to watch him. 5. Throughout the whole performance I was thinking about what I could write on here and that was completely the most irritating thing!
We've had a very sunny September and so have been on loads of ice-cream eating trips. Patrick says he "loves school", Euan has had two new teeth, Anya has started keyboard lessons at school and we've had some lovely new bathroom flooring (still waiting on the playroom floor - hence the painting).
Quotes of the weeks - "Mummy, are you 63 or 36?" ~ Anya

Patrick - "I put 2 marbles in the jar today"
Me - "Excellent, what did you do?"
Patrick - "I teased Mrs teacher. She told me to put one in but I put two in".
Mmmm, I'm sure I should have made him own up but I didn't think I could have kept a straight face. A future in politics or banking await I think!
Me - "Don't pick your nose"
Patrick - "But I'm hungry"
Thought of the week - "Time flies like the wind. Fruit flies like bananas" ~ Groucho Marx

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  1. Loving this week's quotes!

    Ah, conker collecting and all the memories... I do really miss that. You keep reminding me of seasonal things I miss from living in the UK. I really would love to have a year back there (if it wasn't for all the stress and upheaval of moving children!) so that I could soak up my old favs and introduce the children to so much of my childhood. When I try to describe these activities to them they look at me as though I'm from a different planet!


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