Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Just a few of my favourite things

Having got a taste of the good life by winning a recipe competition I've got the bug. This post is my entry to a giveaway at Life With the Lairds - the winner gets a free years' subscription to Judging by the amazingness of the Lairds photos it's a subscription worth having (although the stunning scenery and beautiful family do help).
I have to post my favorite photo that I have taken and explain what it is about the photo that makes my heart sing. Well after searching through the gazillion photos I have on my hard drive I've decided on this one. To anyone else it looks technically not very good but it captures the moment exactly how I remember it.
The photo was taken almost exactly two years ago, we were staying in a remote farm house in West Wales. Euan was 6 weeks old, it was Anya's first holiday after starting school and Tim had just got back from a trip abroad. The dog enjoyed running wild for a week, we couldn't find anyone to look after the cat so she came too. It has been known to snow there in October but we got a real Indian summer and the children went swimming in the sea most days.
This photo has all my favourite people in it (look closely to spot the baby) - when I look at it my heart feels warm, I remember how good it was knowing my family was together and complete. We're going back to Wales for our 10th wedding anniversary next week - if it's a tenth as good we will have a brilliant time!
Thanks for reminding me a good times Kimberly -AND don't forget to pop over and see her technically superior smile inducing photos
(note to self - must stop getting so sentimental - think it's because I have a relatively clean and tidy house, children are asleep and I'm on the wind down to holiday (but if any burglars are reading this everything in this house is old and broken!) will have to reread in the morning)


  1. Awww, what a gorgeous photograph and such beautiful memories! Wishing you all the very best for a fabulous 10th Wedding Anniversary holiday, whatever the weather and good luck in the competition! x

  2. Sorry all the favourite people I live with!

  3. This photo is gorgeous! Technical rules don't apply to beloved photos! And actually, it is "technically" a great silhouette shot! I'm glad you entered and wish you luck! I plan to have Lawson draw a name out of a pumpkin this weekend. And, as always, the compliments are heart warming and appreciated!

  4. What do you mean "technically not very good"? I think it's excellent!!


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