Tuesday, 19 May 2009

And this too will pass.

It seems to have rained everyday for ages, the new turf is looking great but I feel like I'm wilting. I've taken to opening the back door between the down pours and getting the children to do laps of the garden so they run off some of the energy they are using to bicker!

We did get an hour of sun on Saturday so we had to go and do more cycling - there is no stopping Anya now.

For Patrick the highlight of this week was finding a dead baby crow. He has told everyone he knows about it and he was very disappointed that I wouldn't let him stroke it. Every bird he has since since he has asked "Is that the mother? Is she sad?".

Euan has got his golf balls back and was superglued to my side all weekend. He is also teething so sleep has been quite rare. He's got another bottle of banana medicine now and has been much happier today.

Quote of the week - Patrick fell off the bench and hurt himself, he was screaming that he had hurt his ankle but was holding onto his boy bits. After a bit of confusion I managed to work out that his ankle was situated behind his willy. Anya thought this was very funny and continued to laugh at him until bedtime (true sister love).

Thought of the week - “One thing a mother must always save for a rainy day is patience” ~ unknown.

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