Monday, 15 December 2008

All partied out!

Luckily I had this week off work to recover from my 'me-time weekend' and to run the kids to their million pre-Christmas events. Only 4 days of school this week and then holidays - yippee - I think we all need a break!

The photo below shows my two big boys(?) - Patch wanted Euan to have a bobble in his hair to be like him - Euan was also made to wear it all the way up to school. The baby Anabelle dummy is all his own doing though!
Anya was the performing star this week, she was Chinese and had quite a few words to say. Although she was mouthing everyone else's words through the whole play when it came to her own she went very quiet for what felt like hours. She did remember them in the end though.
Patrick saw Father Christmas twice this week - he was taken by nursery to visit him with his reindeer. I don't think he spoke to him and is still unsure if he really likes him or is very scared! He was taken into a room of toys and was aloud to choose anything to take home. He picked a stencil set - I couldn't understand why until we got it out and found lots of felt-tips (he normally only has pencils!)- I found him colouring in his finger nails - "look nail varnish!". He had his nursery Christmas party on Friday and Big Mr C also visited him there.

Saturday saw Tim as bestman at a wedding near Portsmouth. It was a childfree wedding (which I've been dreading for months but was lots easier than keeping bored children quiet for hours - think they would have been kicked out if they had made any noise), so Aunties Bags and Jax were the most fantastic sisters a mother of 3 could ask for (I'm going to have such payback in years to come!) and entertained the children for the weekend. Would like to add they were able sleep in until 7.30 - again why, why, why don't the little darlings do this for me? And yes Auntie Bags we need to work on those photos!

Here's some of the very grown up and classy wedding....
Cheesy quote of the week - "Don't marry someone that you can live with, marry someone that you can't live without" - Tim on Saturday

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