Thursday, 29 September 2011

Being 4 and more of life's big adventures

"I don't need my mutties (muslin comfort blanket) any more, I'm four and I'm a grown-up". So ends the preschool era and here come some huge changes.
One week my baby was blowing four candles out and dressing up as batman (in Spanish 40 degree heat).

The next week he was dressed up as a school boy. We don't get much about school out of him other than, his favourite game is Poo Flood - the rules are quite simple someone shouts 'watch out there's a poo flood behind you' then you run away. 
Being a grown-up has meant lots more commitments, big boy gymnastics (mum can now relax with a cuppa and just watch), swimming lessons (jumped straight in despite not being about to swim giving the teacher a bit of a scare), playing at friends houses alone - it's hard work being big.  My happy, smiley, sunshine boy is making a big impact on the whole world.

PS - some strange and funny Euanisms:
Changing into a super hero every morning (including Spiderman, Freezer Batman, A zombie called Puncher or an alternative zombie called Rolly) - the hero of the hour is announced and that is the only name answered to.
Fish finger sandwiches are food of the moment.
Pretends to cry every morning to hold the teacher's hand to go into school


  1. So cute...Love the super hero costume

  2. Yes, it's tough being a big boy - but he is mastering the job with great skill. Superheroes are good like that!


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