Friday, 23 September 2011

SkyWatch Friday - holding on to the sun

Well, we're firmly back into the school, work, live for the weekend routine in ever shorter days. I've got a bad case of post holiday blues and feel in need to feel the sun for a little longer.  Here's some warming photos from the Spain:

Most days ended with a drink on the beach - not sure what the locals called it but we knew it as Mojito Bay.

The walk back up Heart Attack Hill was a killer.

But the view of the sunsets from the top was worth it

Feral kids saying goodbye to the sun

 Not strictly a SkyWatch but feel the heat of the sun.

I see from my cousin Sarah at catchingthemagic that the Southern hemisphere is budding and enjoying spring, so hop over to SkyWatch Friday to see some actual real life (not just remembered) sun.


  1. Oh my this is what I call good gracious. I don't mind walking up that hill as long as I see that beautiful sunset and the view is fantastic. ^_^

    Peach Sky

  2. Terrific shots! Have a great weekend!

    My Skywatch, hope you can drop by.

  3. I think Mojito Bay is the perfect name for the spot! The sunshine is not all it is cracked up to be when you have it most of the time,I know ,I know none of us are ever always happy with the weather. I long for Autumn leaves that turn bright Orange and red, we rarely get those here.I love a cool overcast day with maybe a little drizzle in the morning and a threatening cloud bank at sunset. I am sure I love these things because they are few and far between treats here! The heaps of golden leaves in your garden sound lovely, I am weird though I actually like to rake !

  4. Oh wow, that looks like a gooooood holiday! Hope Autumn is kind to you x


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