Thursday, 24 February 2011

Skywatch Friday - Tales of the unexpected

The following photos were an amazing and welcome surprise today (although not particularly good photos!).
This week is half term and in typical fashion it has been either wet, foggy, freezing cold or all three (so lots of inside activities the highlight of which was shoe shopping - NOT!).  But today has been nice enough to play outside without a coat, leave wellies at home and to finish off with glorious bursts of colours:

The next shock was that Euan almost has a hairstyle rather than just a haircut - he's still fighting the scissors but I have high hopes that by the time he's a teenager he may have a Justin Bieber - on second thoughts maybe he'd be better as a 70s throw-back?

That's a dinosaur flying in the fiery sky.  Non-sky related but a final bit of excitement - today I was bobbed.
There's a meme about getting yourself in the photo every week, not my idea of fun.  For a much less scary meme go fly over to SkyWatch Friday


  1. Wow, gorgeous colors to end your day. Your son is a cutie and you have a nice bob.

  2. Beautiful sky--such terrific color. Cute little guy you have there! Mickie

  3. Stunning sky shot through the trees, and lovely hair Mrs!

  4. Beautiful skies and captures!
    Nice haircut.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Nice sunset shot!!

    thanks for visiting my place

    cheers from Uruguay :)


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