Saturday, 8 May 2010

Gone in a second (or 1 minute 31 seconds)

Today I have been a shouty nasty Mum. It has rained all day, Tim is in Algeria and after a couple of hours of Lego building (which was knocked down as fast as I was constructing it) I felt like I need a bit of childfree time. I've spent most of the afternoon counting down until bedtime.  But now seeing this advert that speeds through the life of a baby I promise that tomorrow I'll try really hard to give cuddles, turn my back on housework and be a fun mum.

Pass the tissues - I realise the advertisers are playing on cheesy emotions but it works with me! Life is beautiful, even in the rain xo


  1. oh, I'm sobbing buckets here! Going to torture myself and watch it again!

  2. Great video! I had one of those terrible no good days as well. Sometimes they really know how to push the wrong buttons.

  3. This is so well done... Thanks for sharing it. Time sure flies, huh?


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