Tuesday, 11 May 2010

All's well that ends well

Haven't done a proper post for ages so this is a bit of a catch-up one.  Firstly I must have a proper moan about Patrick's Party (followed by lovely photos of a happy boy - and that's what matters!). 

As has been said a few times - I HATE BIRTHDAY PARTIES! But I have found that what I hate more is arranging them. Trying to get Bucks to chose where he wanted it, trying to get Tim to agree that it wasn't boring or overpriced, trying to get said place to answer phone calls, trying to get Bucks to limit guest list to 20, trying not to explode when school Mum announces that classmates party is same time and day, trying not to worry when Tim flies away to USA to return morning of the party (leaky volcano allowing), trying to not get annoyed when half the RSVPs aren't RSVPed, trying to eliminate the throw-straight-in-the-bin-plastic tat in the party bag, trying not to go into full blown panic when the weather forecast gives thunder and lightening.  I could go on but it all worked out in the end and doesn't have to be repeated (well not until Anya's birthday in 6 weeks).

So, all our good friends came, Tim got back in time, the weather held out and a good time was had by all -  here are the photos to prove it:

Party number 2 was a big family affair (minus working Auntie Jax) down at Granny's house. Our family has a birthday week, not just one day and feel hard done by if they have less than three cakes.
I'm trying hard to remember anything else interesting, exciting or witty to write about but I'm really struggling - Tim has been away forever and every day seems to have past by in a whirl of getting everyone to where they need to be. Euan has become very loud and opinionated, so the children are all acting as a tag-team of hard work.  We've got a few fun things planned for the next weekend so hoping that they buck up my spirits - moan over.....

Quotes of the week- "There you go, Mr have-what-ever-you-want" ~ Anya to Euan while throwing some plastic tat at him. Think I may need to re-address the balance of power in the house?

When talking to Bucks about someone -
B - "Is she the fat one?"
Me - "It's not nice to call someone fat"
B - "Is she the bigger one?"
Me - "You shouldn't really say that either"
B - "Well, how can I explain her then?" 
Trying to explain social niceties - tough!

Thought of the week - "You won't remember what someone does for you, you won't remember everything someone says to you. But you will remember how they make you feel" ~ some bloke on Radio 2. Stayed with me for a while - go and make someone feel special xo


  1. Glad all turned out well, sounds fabulous and well done super Mum!!

  2. The pictures make the day look just lovely. The quotes are perfect, especially the one about the woman of curiously large size. What is the proper way to refer to someone who has more stuff than the next?

    Thank you for the kind words on the passing of our cat.

  3. I feel quite weak just remembering children's birthday parties. They were one of the things that made me think I should have had my children 10 years earlier when I had more stamina!


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