Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Before I got together with the current Mr Overtired I had very few significant others and not many that I would want to become reacquainted with. But a tune on the radio today did remind me of one that got away.

Years ago lost loves could be peered at through rose tinted glasses. They would be forever young, or at the very worst young looking with a few silver streaks. A bit like this :
Teenage memory

Twenty years later

By the magic of modern day google I could and did search out my lost one. Turns out he's more like this:
Teenage memory
Tim Booth in 1994

Twenty years later

(but soooooo much wider too so more like this)

The moral of the story is that memories are generally better than an up to date fat middle aged bald golfing reality and that it's much better to enjoy what you've got rather than hanker after the past. Things are never as good as you remember.

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