Thursday, 4 August 2011

The view from here is just fine

I had a lovely new pretty shiny camera for my birthday.  It has a very clever self-timing-auto-shot-type-thingy  and it takes lots of pictures very quickly - so here are a few of my favourites (ha ha few....)
 They almost look as if they love each other!
 This one was taken on my birthday, the bottle of wine was bought on our honeymoon in California, 17 (I think!) years ago, as you can see it went very well!

 Anya came second in the regional young photographer competition - this has turned all 3 children into paparazzi, cameras hung from them at all times.
 Not quite Monet.
 Here's one of those self-timer-thingy-photos, we have more photos of me in the last month than in the last 5 years!
 Family party. lovely sunny garden = many portraits.
 Whole family (minus Amelia, away with her dad for 'a day together?!' and partners - Tim was in bed with flu or as Eu told everyone "my dad has bad breathe") - Granny mostly hidden by the devil-like Patch.
 Patch, two minutes later pleading for his picture to be taken - Devil-like I tell you!
 Eu spent an hour on GG's knee listening to stories. I can remember hearing the same stories 35 years ago. Todays favourite was the 3 little pigs.
 Two of my favourite cool people in one shot.
 Best friends, more sunshine, ice-cream and a paddling pool make for a perfect three year old's day.
 Yes, sunny again, more water and more fun.
 We had a great day at the Cambridge Folk Festival (all wishing we could have been there for the whole weekend again), this photo of Manrun was taken by Anya, they were one of her favourite bands, the main attraction being the smiley face painted on the accordion.
 Our own little space cadet.
 We got front row seats for the secret facebook performance by the Spooky Men's Corale (another photo by Anya), Patch liked them almost as much as the Port Isaac Fisherman's Friends after they sang a version of ABBA's dancing queen to him.
 Another photo of me (that I like) taken not by the clever thingy but by the clever Eu.

And that brings us to the end of the whistle stop tour of the overtired family life in pictures - July Episode!


  1. Fun shots - it looks like you have a great family. Regarding my lightning shots, the secret is long exposures, often 30 seconds or more, and hoping for good lightning during that time. I don't know if there's a lightning sensor for cameras but it's not how I get my shots.

  2. What a wonderful collection - lots of photos make the family times more than just moments. The photo of your daughter with the blue hat is a stunning shot. I hope the "bad breathe" cleared up well ! LOL


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