Thursday, 17 June 2010

Now you are 7

You've got all grown up, you....

... must watch all episodes of Come dine with me and Saturday kitchen.
... still love Aston Villa but you don't want anyone to know (peer pressure has become a big motivator in your life).
... recognise nervous (it makes your tummy bubble, gives you a lump in your throat and makes you go quiet) but you know not to be scared.
... have discovered the joy of books - under the covers, shouting at brothers to leave you alone.
... become a music obsessive - keyboard practice daily, try to work out the instruments playing in every tune, know loads of bands.
... live by the clock after learning to tell the time - (gosh it's 10 o'clock already, where has the day gone)
... love Dr Who (the monsters aren't real you know - it's pathetic to be scared!) but cry at reality TV (talent shows when people have to go home are unbearable)

keep growing up but not too quickly xo


  1. Aww cant wait to see my big grown up niece!! And everyone else of course! Love xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Happy Birthday to Anya! Wow! What a big girl! Lovely photos of you, have fun, Sarah and the donut girls!

  3. this post was lovely ....
    my youngest just turned 7 a few weeks ago and now she carries a grown up purse with grown up things inside. :)
    oh it goes so fast!


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