Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Water water every where

I am sat here struggling to think of anything to write - all I can remember about the last two weeks is how much it's rained!

We've had Aunty Bags visiting us one weekend and managed to run through the rain to the pub, followed by an almost complete large family meal the next day (Uncle Simon was watching the football). It was ages since we saw "Beeba" - and even though Euan was a bit poorly they definitely bonded.
The lovely Beeba
The next weekend we had Daddy's-friend-dave (or daddy as Euan called him for short) visit. I left Tim and Dave talking their normal rubbish and escaped to go wine tasting. Worked my way to number 10 and got stuck on that (if anyone would like to get me a Christmas present I number 10, it was 'Campo le Calle' Soave Doc, Latium Moroni, not sure what it all means but it was very lovely!). We ended the night dancing and generally being one of those 'older women' who I would have pitied 20 years ago!

Oh look it's raining!
Just to prove that clubbing is for the younger generation we had a birthday party to go to at Chicago Rock on the Sunday - Patrick got to the dance-off for musical statues, an earlier round can be seen in the photo, hence the serious expressions and funny stances. The party ended to coincided with the turning on of the Christmas lights and fireworks. The fireworks were very close and extremely loud - Patrick decided that they were "sprinkling on" him (pretty sure it was the rain!) and demanded to go home.

Euan and I managed to go for a very quick walk between showers on Monday - the river levels are really high - but we saw this fab rainbow on the way to school, so may be someone is trying to say something?

Highlight of the fortnight - Euan managed to get a hit on the potty! When inspecting the poo he pointed out "look mummy, slug".

Quote of the fortnight - I was singing along to Wham! Wake me up before you go go (pop trivia - it happened to be the first song at our wedding) when Euan shouted "NO, MY GOGO!".

Thought of the week - “The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow but the rainbow won't wait while you do the work.” ~ Patricia Clafford

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