Saturday, 22 November 2008

So here's my first attempt.

Having been very envious of all the blogs of friends and relatives I thought it was time to record the growth of the Haywood Killen Clan. With Tim away and the Kids bickering in front of Scooby-doo. I'm thinking now or never!

This week has been dominated by sick children - a really nasty cold has sent the children to bed by 6.30 every night (every cloud and all that!). Had enough of it yesterday and rang Tim (I think hormonally?) and said wasn't coping so he took the afternoon off. I had the pleasure of going to the school assembly without boys hanging off me/escaping to try to get to Anya. We then went to the pub for tea - a pint of cider made things look a whole lot better!

Today Tim has gone to see the Rugby (Rugsby to Anya) so to take the children for a run we went to the local Wildlife Trust Centre. We planned a nature treasure hunt before we left (I thought this might stop some of the moans about it being cold). To get warmed up we went into a craft fair - took the opportunity to stock up on loads of nice christmas presents - including two huge boxes for Anya and Patrick which they seemed to miss hung on the back of the pushchair! Got a very lovely necklace for myself - will have to wrap and send off to father christmas!

While the hunters were seeking poor Euan was wrapped up in the pushchair refusing to go to sleep!
And here's the arty photo that I'll never use again!

Thought of the week (stolen from another much better blog) - Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy. ~Author Unknown

Quote of the week - When looking out of the window at a removal van taking a friends belongings to Australia "Mummy, mummy Olivia's house isn't moving!" - Patrick

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